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Control 4 Smart Home Systems.

In today’s technologically advanced world, owning a smart home is quickly becoming the new normal. By installing our smart home technology, you can experience the convenience of accessing automation technology right from your smartphone or tablet.

Get Smart Home

This technology will give you access to various systems in your home, including heating and cooling systems, intercoms, music, and multimedia devices. Our advanced security systems provide increased accessibility via voice-command systems and home automation. i-vizion also offer energy efficiency through the use of smart lighting, indoors and out. Not to mention that our smart home technology can instantly make your home’s resale value higher, competing against comparable homes equipped with outdated, conventional technology. No matter what size your space is, experience a home that is set up for your lifestyle.



Home Monitoring

With i-vizions smart home technology, you can monitor your home with the push of a button. We install responsive and innovative tools to ensure that your home is constantly under surveillance. Peace of mind comes from installing our automated solutions for home monitoring and providing the ability to remotely manage access to your home. You can monitor your home with the Control4 ® App, right from your phone or tablet. Choose from our security options, which include video surveillance, sensors for windows and doors, access controls, and more. With lighting and controls that signal possible intruders, cameras inside and outside your home, and sound alarms, we can help you protect your family and your home 24×7.


Your DIY smart home!

i-vizion home automation lets you simplify everyday household life in a hassle-free way. You can easily and intuitively control heating, lighting and electrical devices the same way you control home security and energy consumption. You have control over everything at all times in your living spaces at the touch of a button, via timer or with the app. The home automation functions on the building block principle: Select the devices you would like to use in your living spaces from the available i-vizion Home Control devices. The heart of your smart home is the devolo Home Control Central Unit, which you can simply plug into any electrical socket. Subsequently program all devices used via the Central Unit.



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